Tourist dictionary

Any tourist transportation inside the tourist center (delivery from the station, the airport or the seaport to hotel and back; from one station, air- or seaport to another; from hotel to theatre and back, etc)
The enterprise which is carrying out the sale of tourist services to consumers; they are divided into travel agents and tour operators depending on the functions carried out by travel companies.
The circumstance, which could not be prevented by the party responsible to execute the obligation, and being the reason of failure of the last mentioned (for example, war, act of God and etc.) 
The document given out by tourist or transport company confirming that the tourist has paid for concrete kind of services (hotel accommodation, food and beverage, excursion, transport fee, etc.) and is the basis to consume this service
Being part of the ticket, the airline provides the passenger with the transportation on the site specified on it
The card, given out to passengers on air and sea lines which the passengers are obliged to hand over to control service at landing 
Preliminary booking of accommodations in hotels or means of transportation, tickets for cultural – entertainment centers for the certain date on behalf of certain tourist (passenger)
Official document drawn up by the airline and given to the passenger while luggage registration confirming that the airline is responsible for the luggage transportation and its delivery to the passenger at the end of transportation 
Bank mean of payment that can be exchanged to cash for the certain currency which is shown, or to the equivalent amount of foreign currency on the base of current exchange rate; banks issuing the circular cheques are responsible to full reimbursement of the sum total in case of loss, theft, destruction, etc. 
Current dictionary contains terminology and comprehension used in the modern international tourism. Being assigned for introduction with specific tourism terminology, the dictionary is not a normative and doesn’t pretend to reflect all variety of tourism terms. 
OB (only bed) – hotel accommodation only.
BB (bed and breakfast) – breakfast in the resident hotel. It may be buffet or continental breakfast.
HB (half board) – 2 meals a day in the hotel. Usually it consists of breakfast and dinner, but in some hotels it can be breakfast and lunch. The price for beverage during lunch or dinner is not included to the cost.
FB (full board) – 3 meals a day in the hotel (breakfast + lunch + dinner). The price for beverage during lunch or dinner is not included to the cost.
Al, All inclusive (all inclusive) – 3 meals a day and additional service, such as light breakfast, snacks, light dinner. The price for beverage is included to the cost. Sometimes it can be only local beverage, but imported drinks can be for additional price. 
SGL (single) – single room.
DBL (double) – double room.
TRPL (triple) – triple room.
Suite – accommodation in luxury room.
ExB (extra bed) – additional bed in double room.
Chld (child) – a child (usually price for a child is shown for the room with 2 adults).
SV (sea view) – sea view

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